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NEXUS SOLAR is a globally recognized leading Solar off-grid MPPT PCU provider making India Self- reliant on solar energy. We use advanced MPPT technology in our Solar off-Grid PCU that can simultaneously run the load and charge the battery. suitable lead- Acid batteries, as well as flooded, sealed and gel type, these controllers check the output of PV module, Supply Power to a DC load and fixes the power issues that PV module Can produce to charge the battery. Our Solar off-Grid MPPT PCU stand apart from the rest because of their high- quality design and multiple features we have packed into it to make your life easier.

Used ForResidential
TypeSolar Inverter
External Battery SupportYes
Rechargeable BatteryNO
Power Output2300 W
Battery Capacity200 mAh
FeaturesFeatures Big Data Display. Built-in Energy Meter Maximized Solar Usage through Intelligent modes. Remote monitoring and Data logging with lot 40% less panel required than other PCUs RS-232(industrial  Standard MODBUS) Incorporated with Microchip  and DSP Engines IGBT Based design and fast charging wide range MPPT input configurable user Setting 6 stages battery charging Multiple Battery Selection Sleek & Aesthetic design Works as standalone solar inverter in case of No- grid Safety and protections. 
Warranty Duration24 Months
Light SourceSolar/Grid
Operating DC voltage24
SPV Open Circuit Voltage Range(min - max)36 - 90
Max SPV Power2
Switching ElementIGBT Module
Battery Charging Stages5( Software, Boost, Absorption, Float, Equalise) 
low cut off10.5/Batt+/-2%
low cut off recovery11.5/Batt+/-2%
low Buzzer10.7/Batt+/-2%
High Cut off15.5/Batt+/-2%
High cut off recovery15.0/ Batt+/-2%
Boost Charging Volt by SPV(TUB)14.5/Batt+/-2%
Boost Charging Volt By Grid(TUB)14.0/Batt+/-2%
Charging Current By Grid10a+/-2%
No load Battery Current0.02
Output No load230+/-2%
Overload1900 W
Output low retry1 Time
Output Short Circuit1 Time
Display16 x 2 LCD
Parameters SolarVoltage Current
StatusInverter Status, Main Status, Charge Status
No. of phase1 phase - 3 Wire P,N,E
Voltage Range(inverter)100-280+/-2%
Frequency Range45-55+/-2%
Output Voltage230+/-2%
Output  WavefromDigitally Fitered pure sine wave
Changeover(Mains to Inverter)<10ms
Output power Factor0.8
Overload Retry3 Times
SwitchesSystem ON/OFF, Mode Selection Hybrid/ Smart, INV / UPS Selection
Indication(LED)Inverter on, Mains In range, Battery low/ High Charger on, Overload, Faults
Alarm(Audible)Battery Low, Overload, Charger on, Inverter On, Solar Charger on
ProtectionOverload, Short Circuit Protection, Over Voltage, SPV Surge and Transient Protection(MOV Varistors), Reverse Polarity of Battery, Over temperature Protection, Under Voltage and Over Voltage Protection 
`CoolingForced Air Cooling(Temp Controlled)
Operating Temp0-50
Operating Humidity95
Protection ClassIP20
Weight41 Kg
Voltage Range(UPS)175-255+/-2%
Solar Support2340W

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