10KW - 48V 3Phase Hybrid INNO 7G

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10KW - 48V 3Phase Hybrid  INNO 7G

Inno Solar Is a flexible and intelligent hybrid inverter which utilizes Solar Power, AC Utility, and Battery Power Source to Supply Continuous Power. It’s a simple and smart solar power storage system for home users to either store energy into a battery for night-time usage or use for self-consumption first depending on demands. Priority for power source is programmable through smart software during night time or power failure.it will automatically consume reserved power from battery.in this way, it will reduce dependence on the utility.

  1. Main Features

·         Self-Consumption and feed-in to the grid

·         Programmable supply priority for PV, Battery or Grid

·         User-adjustable battery Charging Current Suits different types of batteries

·         Programmable multiple operations modes:  Grid tie, Off-Grid, and grid—tie with backup

·         Built-in timer for various mode on/off Operation

·         Multiple Communication for USB, RS-232, Modbus and SNMP

·         Monitoring Software for real time status display Control

·         Custom-made firmware by ODM Contract

·         Parallel Operation up to 6 Units for 5KW/10KW and 15KW

Feed-in is not the only choice

In comparison with conventional grid-tie inverters, Inno Solar can not only feed in power to the grid but also store solar power to the batter for future usage and directly power to the loads.

v  Save Money by discharging battery for self-consumption first

Nexus Solar can save money by using battery energy first when PV energy is low. Until battery energy is low. Inno Solar will Consume AC Power from the grid.

v  Power backup when AC Failed

Inno Solar can operate as an off-grid inverter to provide continuous power even without the grid. It’s a perfect power solution for remote regions or temporary AC power Source for camping or night market.

Important Safety Warning

Before using the inverter, please read all instructions and cautionary markings on the unit and this manual. Store the manual where it can be accessed easily.

This manual is for qualified personnel. The tasks described in this manual may be performed by qualified personnel only.

General Precaution-

WARNING! Before installing and using this inverter, read all instructions and cautionary markings on the inverter and all appropriate sections of this guide.

WARNING! Normally grounded conductors may be ungrounded and energized when a ground fault is indicated.

WARNING! This inverters heavy. It should be lifted by at least two persons.

CAUTION! Authorized service personnel should reduce the risk of electrical shock by disconnecting AC, DC and battery power from the inverter before attempting any maintenance or cleaning or working on any circuits connected to the inverter. Turning off controls will not reduce this risk. Internal capacitors can remain charged for 5 minutes after disconnecting all sources of power.

CAUTION! Do not disassemble this inverter yourself. It contains no user-serviceable parts. Attempt to service this inverter yourself may cause a risk of electrical shock or fire and will void the warranty from the manufacturer.

CAUTION! To avoid a risk of fire and electric shock, make sure that existing wiring is in good condition and that the wire is not undersized. Do not operate the Inverter with damaged or substandard wiring.

CAUTION! Under high temperature environment, the cover of this inverter could be hot enough to cause skin burns if accidentally touched. Ensure that this inverter is away from

 CAUTION! Use only recommended accessories from installer. Otherwise, not-qualified tools may cause a risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons.

CAUTION! To reduce risk of fire hazard, do not cover or obstruct the cooling fan.

CAUTION! Do not operate the Inverter if it has received a sharp blow, been dropped, or otherwise damaged in any way. If the Inverter is damaged, called for an RMA (Return Material Authorization).

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